Monday, 19 December 2011

Hate Speech

James Hirvisaari a Finnish MP was convicted for incitement against ethnic group
around a week ago for the writing you can read from next line below. Fine was 1425 euros

Recently there was a racist crime crime in Helsinki. I believe that was a rare, isolated incident. If a skinhead beats muslim up, it's not necessarily racism but can be a brawl over territory as well. If it was typical female harassment, then maybe he deserved to got beaten as well?
Unfortunately uncontrolled muslim immigration will increase racism towards jews, native finns, and other ethnic groups.

Not to mention discrimination,arrogance beyonde tolerance, bad behavior, hate, subjugation of women, child circumcisions, sexual harrasment and persecution of minorities, rioting, burning flags, drugs, pillaging, rapes, pedofilia, polygamy, child brides, honor(shame)violence, ritual slaughtering, lashing punishments, stonings and other disgusting perverted customs and phenomenons.
In the end we will have suicide bombings and terrorism, that is, if we are not doing as they please.

Violence is a language that is not tolerated in civilized countries but in islam, culture of hate and violence is built into system and it is always going on and it is known as holywar. Getting our civilization to work together with islam is impossible task.

We better stop this experiment

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