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Daniel Poohl and Mona Sahlin were visiting Finland yesterday as a guests invited by Swedish-Finnish cultural centrum. Daniel Poohl is a editor in chief for anti-racist / anti-fascist  magazine called Expo and Mona Sahlin is, well, she is Swedish feminist and politician, famous about her funny remarks concerning Swedish culture and also she is known about her "Toblerone affair" she used her government issued credit card for personal expenses spending over 50.000 swedish krone's, she later commented for the press that she only bought two toblerones, diapers and cigarettes, she even wrote a book about her shopping's. In the other words, she is a corrupt politician.

Daniel Poohl thinks that Finnish politician Jussi Halla-aho is a dangerous person who should be not underestimated "He is so radical, he is fascist, it's like he traveled with time machine straight from 1930's to present time" Daniel Poohl says and continues " he is very dangerous"

Well, what do you call a fascist who is calling others fascist? (I am using word fascist only because it's original meaning has been blurred in a way as it has happend to words nazi and racist)  Daniel Poohl's Expo is affiliated with AFA "Antifascistisk aktion i Sverige" and AFA is the only group in modern day Sweden known for their tendency for political violence, they have threaten, beaten and destroyed peoples property in order to get their message through: shut up or there will be blood. It's funny that media is defining these politically motivated terrorists as "Activists" Why? well, of course it has more positive charge and gives people a feeling that they are indeed doing good deeds.

Here are few examples what AFA has done so far:

January 2006 AFA attacked immigration office in Norrköping and thretended it's office clerks.

National day 2006 AFA attacked Swedish democrats with baseball bats in Jönköping.

June 2006 AFA broke window's of house belonging to Christian democrats

October 2006 AFA threatend to interrupt city council meeting in Gothenburg because council had members from Swedish democrats, police protrection was asked in order to have a safe meeting. Bill for tax payers 1 million krone's

August 2008 AFA was handing flyers in Uppsala with victims name and picture, people were encouraged to assault this person and beat him up AFA promised 500 krone's and "knogjärn" (knock out iron ) for free for person who would commit this crime.

February 2009 AFA assaulted Vávra Suk a Tsech born swedish politician, police called that incident as "attempted murder"

July 2007 AFA threatend and assaulted a judge who was working on immigration in Gothenburg.

and the list goes on...

So far Jussi Halla-aho hasn't threaten anyone with violence nor has the political group he is representing. Jussi's writing's are controversial, in one of his writings he has fantasized shooting a gay man in the head with a hand gun after this man approached him and made suggestion  that if Jussi would like to give him a blow job. That writing caused a lot's of stir and anger (posthumously) among certain group of people and politicians (mainly leftist and green) these people seem to think that even thinking of killing someone after he makes suggestions like that is forbidden, they seem to think that it would be more appropriate to get on your knees and open your mouth. I would had definitively same kind of thoughts after that kind of incident.

Jussi also wrote about rapes committed by immigrants in Helsinki and how he'd prefer that they would rape those green and leftist politicians who allowed them to migrate here in the first place and would leave the innocent women alone.
Maybe his writings are not most politically correct texts you get to read but is he a fascist? No

Sweden along side Norway is most anti-semitic country in europe, hate against jews is normalcy in cities like Malmö.
Finnish left is keeping total radio silence about the fact that Expo and AFA are affiliated. Why? everyone can think that for a moment.

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