Thursday, 1 December 2011

Gender wars

This is not concerning all feminists as i understand that there are many subgroups under word feminist.I have nothing against those women who are seeking gender equality (and at least in Nordic countries i think we have almost accomplished that) and i don't want to generalize women, but it's also obvious for me that not all women who consider them self's as feminist know that there are actually all kind of  subgroups, like lesbian, queer, marxist, socialist feminists etc. I have female friends who seem to think that feminist movement is a monolith where goal for everyone is the same, equality between sexes, but that is of course not the case.

I just finished watching Swedish documentary "könskriget"  Gender wars in English, this is not the first time i see it, but recently it has become relevant as writings of Valerie Solanas has been lifted on the stage again. More i have watched this documentary, more clear and obvious it comes to me why things in Sweden are as they are. In Sweden, lots of power has been given to feminists who are not just seeking gender equality but full control of whole country, in the core of this is organisation called ROKS "Riksorganisationen för kvinnojourer och tjejjourer i Sverige" (State organisation for women's and girls shelters) and their own theories about Gender Powers and how patriarchal society is based only man's ability to rape woman.
ROKS is largest feminist organisation in Sweden and it has it's militant side as well..

I saw this documentary first time back in 2005 when it was aired in television, back then i didn't much gave thoughts, if any, to political aspects it had, i was just baffled about ROKS's sub organisation called "Bellas vänner" how they pretty much kidnapped two young girls, who were only seeking help and consultation from Bellas Vänner, and how these people tried to brainwash them to believe that they are hunted by some mysterious satanist pedophile organisation which is impregnating young teen girls in order to get fresh fetuses for their satanic rituals (yes, i know, it sounds like a very bad horror movie) But now that i have watched that documentary few times more i am starting to see the political power these nut jobs have gained in Sweden. I am not shocked anymore about Mona Sahlins (Swedish politician) statements about Swedish culture as i used to was, because now i fully understand that in Swedish-feminist doctrine, Swedish culture is a product of patriarchal society and there for it needs to be abolished amongst the other things men have accomplished. Read more about Mona Sahlin on wikiquotes

I used to admire Gudrun Schyman as an example of strong minded, willful woman and politician (happens to be my taste of women) but after she made remarks about this mysterious satanist pedophile network, that they are actually controlled from U.N, i have since withdrawn my admire. In my past I have been working on mental care maybe 6-7 years and I've seen lots of paranoidic, psychotic, schizophrenic people, so I would say, by using 80's standards, that these people would been in involuntary treatment sooner than they can spell their own names.

I think that is worth to mention Tiina Rosenberg as well, she is Finnish born queer feminist who is residing in Sweden and is a professor of gender studies at Lund University. She hates heterosexual feminists who are sleeping with men, she calls them as traitors. She also introduced queer theory to Sweden, queer theory claims, alongside the other things, that sex is a social construct i.e there are no sexes.
There are already "Gender free" pre-schools in Sweden, where there are no gender roles and special emphasis is given on fostering an environment tolerant of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. That is, in my opinion, social engineering like in any totalitarian state. i.e Soviet Union or Nazi Germany.

This swedish version of feminism has got lot's of influence from Valerie Solanas an American Feminist who became famous by shooting and almost killing Andy Warhol and by her SCUM manifesto she wrote.
For some reason when i read about Solanas's life i start to think Aileen Wuornos, both were, according by them self's, sexually assaulted as a child, both were schizophrenic and both seem to get kicks for killing men.
I don't think that Valerie's Swedish sisters are going to plan mass murder of men but they definitively want to strip all power from men by slowly sneaking their own viewpoints and theories into government policies
There is already proofs about that in the documentary.

One of the corner stones for ROKS is domestic violence and their theory that men are abusive towards women only because they want to show "who's in charge" and men are incurable as Ireen von Wachenfeldt put it bluntly. ROKS is refusing to listen any studies from other western countries which are pretty clear about power of the treatment, violent and abusive men can be cured with success rate 60-80% depending on study, so why they are refusing to listen these studies? that would of course make their theories and organisation useless. Still today, there is no help available for abusive men in Sweden, they do have a great influence in Swedish government policies..

ROKS's main ideologist is Norwegian born Eva Lundgren a nutty professor from Uppsala university, theory about satanist pedophile networks is a product of her paranoidic mind. One of her student, Anna Ardin is a person behind Julian Assange's  rape charges. Coincidence perhaps?

Those who have not seen this documentary i will link first hour here, it's fairly long, 2 hours altogether and it has English subtitles. See it your self and be surprised!

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