Wednesday, 7 December 2011


First I was supposed to write few lines about documentary "Soviet Story" but i just had watched excellent Norwegian documentary series called "Hjernevask" Brainwash in English. It bashes so many myths modern studies and theories claim that it made me breathless, like if being gay is something you are born with or is it your upbringing, or like queers claim, is it something you choose to be? well in my opinion we can finally say bye bye to queer theory, our sex and sexual orientation is not a social construct, they are both on our genes. Series is 7 parts and each of them around 40-50 minutes covering topics about sexual orientation, violence, to human races (if any?) Main theme in all episodes is that if it is biology or our upbringing and environment that makes us what we are.

I find it very difficult to understand that people who are getting all the funding and their voice heard are not what you would call hardcore scientists but all kind of sociology professors, professors of gender studies, queer theorists and so on, no wonder that in past twenty years or so, it's been downhill. I don't have anything against gays but watching this document i do have something against certain people on a field of gay studies, regardless of what interviewed gay people are saying in this documentary, these gay researchers are stubbornly trying to hold on that what they call a fact: people are not being born gay but it is their life choice. Gay's have different opinion, they feel that they were born what they are. I got a feeling that researchers want to hold on that theory and bury biological facts because they don't want that gays are being treated as anomaly's  and that's what they are in the matter of fact, they seem to have an idea that gays will be more accepted by society if they would be treated as they have made life choice being a gay, they don't want people to see gays as a nature's accident.

From my side it's perfectly ok if you are born to be gay, there is nothing anyone can do about it, it's incurable and it's something you should not get discriminated of. Claim that people are gay by choice is almost impossible to swallow for the most of people (excluding religious people) I really enjoyed watching this series, it was hard facts versus ideology where holders of ideology couldn't produce any facts to support their beliefs, it's more obvious that key positions in universities and governments are being infiltrated by these fanatic idealists.

P.S Norwegian government stopped funding Feminist studies after this was aired .

I will link webpage where all 7 documentaries can be found, you need to have a password for viewing which is: "hjernevask" without quotes. Password can be found from the webpage as well  Documentary is subtitled in English.
Link to webpage:

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